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A beautiful, sophisticated and timeless hat worn only by the finest of upper-class citizens, albeit mostly women.
It is debatable how this delightful headgear found its way to the Pyro, but something tells me I don't want to know.

How gracious! Make it replace my:

All men agree that there's no greater shame than to be outcoifed by someone. Rich men spend millions of dollars every year to ensure their scalp is graced by the greatest gathering of hair imaginable. Unfortunately the Heavy has not been able to join this tradition. No longer! With this deceptively unrealistic toupé you'll fit right in!

I can't wait to stop being bald! Make it replace my:

Less publicly known than the license to kill, being a Spy also comes with a vast supply of fashionably correct hats. You certainly won't look like a very impressive Spy without this beauty, so don't go spewing one-liners over defeated enemies without it.

How could I've gone without it? Make it replace my:

Every self respecting medical practitioner knows that the effectiveness of a tool is directly proportional to its amount of screens and knobs.
So explain to me why you're still using the Ubersaw? It's not even slightly confusing to use!

I want to look professionally confused too!

Right about now you must be wondering how in God's name you're supposed to pronounce Claidheamohmor. The answer: you don't! If you're remotely near one you'll be dead long before you're done injuring your vocal chords anyway!

I want to destroy people's vocal chords too!

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